Queen of Wands Crossed by Temperance — Fairy Tale Tarot

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

I was recently gifted a nice new little laptop from a couple of family members. It is my first new computer in nearly eight years, thus I need to go about purchasing all those updated graphics programs. I want to draw cool pictures— might I someday be gifted the time!— so I bought a big screen. Then, of course, having a screen, I bought an external keyboard. Not having used a mouse since sometime in the mid 90s, I found it necessary to purchase an external trackpad. I don’t have all the correct adapters and such yet, so I’ve got a lot of pretty hardware sitting on my desk collecting fingerprints.


I need a break from my own deck and from one-card readings. My most-used spread has always been the celtic cross, although I am not certain I know what all the positions mean. Thus, I study the first two positions: The Significator and What Crosses Me. This would increase my typical reading by NEW! IMPROVED! 100% MORE CARDS! (one).


After more consideration than usual, I pulled the MRP Fairy Tale Tarot off the shelf. I really wanted something else, something simpler, but I paid too much for this deck, so I figure I ought to either try to appreciate it or be rid of it.


I picked out the Queen of Wands to represent myself, shuffled the deck, asked, “What Crosses Me?” and pulled Temperance. Is it possible to be crossed by temperance?


I take a break to scan the cards and ponder this and quickly discover that there is no software which enables my old scanner to function with my new computer. Sigh!*


The Fairy Tale story is called “Water and Salt.” It’s about learning to listen and appreciate the value of ordinary life. I suppose it is possible to be crossed by Temperance if one wishes to do something extraordinary. Or it is possible to be crossed by Temperance if one is extremely well-rounded and cannot choose a single path to follow. I suppose it is possible to be double-crossed by temperance should both instances be the case. Recently, I’ve been feeling double-crossed by temperance.


All the extremes that made my life so unusual are tempered by having a child. There are a number of extremes that I have excelled at. However, no one extreme has stood out above the rest for any extended period of time— except from the point of view of my partner’s son who sums it up quite well by saying that I am extremely bizarre. I have never argued.


The battle between the desire to DO DO DO DO DO and the desire to chill with my babe is not much of a struggle: the baby wins most every time. My one remaining extremity is writing. The fabulous worlds created by miraculous manipulation of the alphabet are one of the truest forms of magic. I have always dabbled in this form of sorcery. It has always been my dream to enchant.


Double-crossed by Temperance, the Queen pares her Wand to a fine point and takes aim.


*And I need a new camera, too, if I am ever to take pictures of my soon-to-crawl daughter.Baba Studios Magic Realist Press

Temperance — Giovanni Vacchetta Tarot

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Artist: Giovanni Vacchetta


After I finished the last illustration for my Tarot of the Absurd a few weeks ago, I started contemplating publishing options. I would really like to find a publishing company to help produce it well and help market it. I am interested in fine quality cards that will stand the test of time. Eventually there will be a book to go with it.


There is a print-on-demand game site on line called The Game Crafter, where people who like to make up games can find all sorts of game parts and design a game and have it printed for themselves and others to purchase and play. A few people have made tarot decks on poker-size cards. The site just started offering larger-size cards for tarot. In order to check out the quality and pricing, I re-produced an old historic deck originally illustrated in black & white by Giovanni Vacchetta in 1893. It has been in-&-out of print since then. I produced a sepia-toned copy with words in English. It is perfect for hand-coloring, should you be so inclined, and available for purchase here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/giovanni-vacchetta-tarot


“What should I do about publishing my own deck?” I asked my new-old Giovanni Vacchetta tarot, and drew Temperance.


Favored: Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning
Opposed: Imbalance, excess, lack of long-term vision


Temperance is about moderation and self-restraint. Balance, patience, and avoiding extremes— especially important in situations of stress or anxiety— all lead to a sense of calm and a place of peace. Walking the middle road— the way of tranquility— leads to an even temperament and a fulfilling life.


Temperance has a clear, long-term vision of what needs to be achieved. Refusing to rush along, Temperance takes its time to learn along the way. The way is peaceful, guided by an inner voice which cannot be heard amongst chaos.


Temperance works in harmony with others, combining forces in a beautiful synergy of talents, experiences, abilities and skills. Always needed during periods of transition, Temperance asks for patience to act with good timing and precision. Change is essential for learning and accomplishing anything. Temperance lets us know there is nothing to fear.


Temperance tells me: “Stick to your focus. Take time to work hard. You have spent 13 years illustrating your tarot deck. Do not rush into printing it without thorough research. Everything will come together beautifully in the end.”

14 Temperance — New Age Tarot

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Walter Wegmüller[Sometimes it seems really manipulative to ask a question. I wanted to see what this deck had to say without asking.]


Artist: Walter Wegmüller


Temperance is defined as moderation or self-restraint, especially in the realm of eating and drinking.


About this card: “This is the conscious aspect of every measure or dimension. Yardstick of all knowledge and all laws governing light and dark, inner and outer form, weights and distances, proportions. […] The balancing of opposites: man and woman, day and night, high and low, etc.”


Divinatory Meaning: “Organize your life and work differently. Define boundaries. Control and adjust dimensions. Justice. Determine the right amount of work you should be doing and the right [amount] of food and drugs you should be taking.”


This card reminds me I am having a hard time organizing and balancing my life right now. I am having an easy time staying in bed a large portion of the day, saying to myself: I am tired: rest is good. I am having a hard time motivating myself to exercise.


I am having an easy time procrastinating with household projects, instead spending time doing things such as browsing the internet for things I think I need or things I think I need to know or writing this silly blog— although this silly blog is just about the one activity I do with commitment.


I am having a hard time remembering to eat foods that are good for me (green! green! green!) and eat on a schedule and not to just eat everything in sight with the excuse that I am growing my baby— I am a bit old for this baby-having activity and would like to grow a healthy baby.


I am having a hard time finding balance. Will I ever feel balanced? Is life just one long, drawn-out balancing act? Is it ever easy?