Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Seven of Wands β€” Tarot Piatnik Wien

Rudolph PointnerArtist: Rudolph Pointner


Martin asked, “How will the birth go?” and pulled this card, last seen here a week ago. Suitable one-card answer for a birth, I suppose. It will be challenging. I need to persevere and not give up. At times things may seem impossible. The trick will be persistence without struggle.


Despite the fact that I like to think this experience will be easier than I think, I do not think it will be.

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  1. Ann says:


    I wanted to comment on what you may be experiencing regarding your childbirth experience. I remember with my first child (I have two) being very scared about the childbirth experience. I was worried that it would be too painful and that I wouldn’t be able to “bear” it. My mother was deceased for a long time and my father was living in Europe. I had no family around me at all. I did make a call to my father and told him about my fears, not thinking for a moment that he would be able to offer me any useful advice. Funny thing is what he told me is exactly what I needed to hear. I told him that I was afraid of the pain and he said “Well, it can’t be that bad or women wouldn’t keep having more children.” That’s all he said and it worked. All my fears pretty much disappeared. Reading your journal I don’t feel that fear is an issue with you anyway. There’s really only one thing you have to have an aresenal of for a baby, and that’s love. As the song goes, all you need is love. I’ll tell you what you don’t need. A diaper Genie!! Hope this helps just a little.

    Your deck is simply fabulous and I can’t wait to get at least two of them. Good luck in all you do!

  2. Jessica says:

    Blessings. Thank you.

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