Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Queen of Swords β€” Tarot of Prague

Karen Mahony Alex UlokovIllustrators & Authors: Karen Mahony & Alexandr Ukolov


The Queen of Swords is a stern, impartial judge, sometimes seemingly devoid of emotion. Her immense amount of book learning is balanced by a life tempered with sadness and loss. This gives her strength, determination, and detachment. She is highly perceptive and honest, with a quick, dry wit. The blade of her rule cuts through gossip and sentimentality to get straight to the point. It is best not try to trick or deceive her.


On a bad day, the Queen of Swords comes across as a cold-hearted, bitter, bitchy misanthrope. In her honest quest to get to the bottom of an issue, she puts a lot of people off and loses support. Her emotional self-isolation may make her seem narrow-minded, intolerant, and mean. Perhaps it would do her good to open her heart just a tad.


Today, this Queen tells me I need to pay attention to how I take care of myself: β€œWhen you are tired, sleep! Eat less sugar and more vegetables! Do your baby-positioning exercises! Don’t spend so much time on the damned internet!”

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  1. Ann says:


    I stumbled upon your website here today. I am truly in awe of your Tarot of the Absurd. Please let me know when it will be available for purchase. I love the images they are so evocative. Thank you.

    • Jessica says:

      I would love to contact you when it is finished. You can write me an email at inkfountain(at)yahoo(dot)com, and I will keep your contact information. Keep in mind, it could be a long journey.

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