Saturday, July 19th, 2014

AmeriCU Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival

Dan decided he was going to have a booth at the AmeriCU Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival, and one of his friends suggested he bring me along. I’m good company and good looking and I have a unique product, so, I mean, really, the suggestion was a no-brainer.


Dan has a lot of new paintings and a load of prints for sale. I have myΒ excellent tarot deck and will be doing 5-minute (or 10-minute) readings. I’m offering a free reading with every deck purchased. In addition, I’ll be selling magnets of the cards for three bucks each or four-for-ten. Dan has some good deals, but you’ll have to stop by the tent to find those out. And to see his art. I mean, really, it’s awesome. So is mine. Come see us!!!



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  1. Joanna Colwell says:

    awesome Jess! I hope it goes fantastically!! my cousin loves the deck I gave her. xoxo

  2. Judy says:

    Hey Jess, you scary old thing! Did you have your Madam Zenda hat on and your crystal ball?

    I hope you sold some of your excellent decks–one of the best decks out there, for sure. I bet they loved it for readings from the master.

    I like Dan’s art–you are a talented duo. Any sign of Iris showing the phenomenal artistic bent of her parents?

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, well, Dan’s my brother, you know that, and Martin doesn’t seem to have any artistic bent whatsoever. Iris shows signs of being very cautious, incredibly tidy, and a good mechanic.
      I just posted an illustrated review of the art show, so you can see I was perfectly conservative looking. I put a piece of fabric and a pretty silk over a paper card table and I had a cute hourglass timer to give me reason to chase away overly talkative crazies. The quiet crazies are free to hang around me all day, of course.
      Despite the illustration, I generally kept in my false tooth. I really wanted a crystal-ball piggybank, but that was way too much to ask for at the last minute, besides which it would have made giving change a bit difficult. The issue of sales is too depressing to discuss. Maybe a Madam Zenda hat would have helped. Do you have one I can borrow?

      • Judy says:

        I always get the men mixed up! How can I keep them straight? Dan = Bro = 3 letters each side, a balanced chemical equation–got it.

        Madam Zenda took her hat with her, alas, after she dropped in for a late night chin wag. I think she had a crystal ball piggybank, being one for dual purpose furnishings, you know.

        Iris will perhaps become an accountant who invents things by drawing in the margins of paperwork. Stumbling across The Big Idea one day, she will patent it and become rich, thus insuring you will always have enough money for art supplies.

        • Jessica says:

          ***BUY BUY BUY*** this NEW genuine crystal ball piggy-bank, where, as long as you have a bit of spare-change, you are always guaranteed to see money in the future! Perfect for 5-minute craft-fair tarot readings, this high-quality acrylic sphere might just survive a drop or two on urine-sodden pavement after falling 2.5 feet from your rain-sodden paper card-table and rolling into the gutter. Crystals, piggies, and cash not included.

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