Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

Pestalotiopsis microspora

Pestalotiopsis is a genus of fungus that seems to be found, ya’ know, everywhere. As fungus is. Blights caused by varying species of this fungus are exacerbated by climate change.


For example, Pestalotiopsis microspora causes a wide range of symptoms on cedars and other conifers. It begins in the low dense shady area of the canopy in the warm parts of summer then will spread upward through the tree over a few years. Leaves and stems die. Trees are less vigorous. In addition, Pestalotiopsis microspora discovered in rubber plantations the early 1900s has recently reached epidemic proportions. Leaves get spots. Trees are less juicy and vigorous. No one likes a fungal infection.


Well, that’s not true. Pestalotiopsis microspora also eats polyurethane. That’s nice, isn’t it? In honor of its plastic-digesting prowess, I named the monster I sewed Akiva for his birthday after it. Akiva just calls him Pest.


Saturday, May 1st, 2021



Minnie the Giant Rabbit’s first litter of bun-buns was born on April 10th.

There were eight. Iris does not pick favorites:

she puts them all into the doll sling and takes them out for a walk.




Fortunately, rabbits like snuggling.




Later, we take a walk without the rabbits. We go to the little creek that flows from the old Val-Esterie property past the water treatment plant and into the Coaticook River. Two Little People mamas come with us. For some reason, they have twine around their necks. I think they were going to go swimming. Standing at the edge of the creek, Akiva holds the end of one piece of twine and twirls the mama round and round as one would twirl a sling with a rock in it. Like a rock shot from a sling, the toy flies through the air, never to be seen again. At least not by us. Somewhere down by there creek there is a little blue Little People mama with blonde hair waiting to be found. Akiva is distraught.




On the way home we stop at the school playground.

Akiva swings high like a rock in a sling.

And like a rock shot from a sling, he flies high over the trees, through the clouds, back home.