Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Unenthusiastic Model, Take IV


This is the last time I will attempt to photograph Akiva modeling his new shirt.





Gone is the perfect lighting of the covered bridge.





Gone is the smooth, unwrinkled linen.





Here we have a very round boy with luscious lips wearing an unpressed linen shirt.





He his posing for his mama in sub-optimal, dappled, late morning sun light.





He is doing his very best to follow all of her complicated requests.





He did a wonderful job.



One Response

  1. Mamie Huguette says:

    Wow! Que de belles photos de Akiva Il est vraiment beau
    Il est un modèle parfait pour se faire photographier.
    Il est vraiment mignon.

    Mamie Huguette xxx