Monday, January 16th, 2012

Queen of Coins β€” Tarot of the Absurd

Jessica Rose ShanahanArtist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


The Queen of Coins represents a mother figure or the mother figure within one’s self.


This Queen is queen of her home and its hearth and the earth on which it stands. She knows the use of everything in this dominion, is very handy, versatile in her abilities, and secure in her knowledge.


The Queen of Coins has worked hard to gain a level of prosperity and security that allows her the ability to be generous with her time, wisdom and resources. She is resourceful and practical, dealing with issues as they arise in order to come up with simple solutions which fix problems with minimal fuss. Self-assured that she can provide for what she needs, she has an air of independence.


This Queen is compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to-earth when it comes to dealing with other people and life’s issues. She calmly balances home life and work life, largely because she somehow manages to find time to do the things that truly help her become centered and relaxed.


This is why she is Queen and I am not.


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