Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Val-Estrie in Spring.

In spring, a lonely playground remembers.




The see-saws remember laughterβ€” up and down! up and down!




One boy, by himself, can only sit and wish for up as he stays down.




The crooked boards remember THWACK! a puck and SMACK! and CRASH!




Could this weed-and-gravel ground once have allowed a bouncing a ball?




Someone stands here. Someone with a single eye that watched it all.




Circles within circles wait and wait for children to stand shoulder to shoulderβ€”

take eye, take aim, and then release!β€”

and wait and watch over the empty field.




The pool remembers heat, sunshine, laughter, splashes.

And the diving board remembers BOING!




The building remembers footsteps and chatter,

whispers and laughter, central heating, chairs sliding,

mouths eating, sleepers sleeping, light bulbs shining,

water washing, people standing, people rushing.

Its glass eyes watch all.




Will children fill this place again?


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