Monday, May 20th, 2013

On how Writer’s Block Never Occurs when One Does Not Have Time to Write

Β (I admit, this blog has been slow of late.)


In my ignorance, I used to think my mom-friends had tons of time on their hands because they did not spend eight hours a day at a job that contributed to the GNP. I used to think things like, “She just has one kid; how much work can it be?” Of course, on some level, I must have known: I put off having children until I was 38 mostly due to time constraints.


Since my last post, nearly two months ago now, I’ve spent a lot of time organizing poetry and reading years and reams of words. I learned how to make a table of contents and to use section breaks in a document, to make left & right pages, and the use of having at least a dozen styles. Then I realized I ought to spend some time organizing my blog entries and seeing what I have got for a book for tarotβ€” as that is really the point of this whole exercise. I seem to have hit a wall in terms of writing, but everything else is just procrastination.


In working on the book, I have to ask myself: What is the purpose of this book? What makes it different from every other companion book out there? I answer:Β The purpose of this book is to give myself an outlet for my writing. The purpose of this book is to explain my worldview through the framework of the tarot deck. The purpose of this book is to immerse the reader in myth and adventure, evoke laughter, provoke self-examination, and provide yet another way to view the cards. The difference is my insight, my brilliance, my refusal to conform.


I started doing everything in order. The Lovers was the first card for which I had not done an entry. Slightly ironic, I suppose, considering the previous (almost-finished-but-possibly-never-to-be-done) project. Who are The Lovers?


…To Be Continued…

(I promise)

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  1. Chloe says:

    The title alone was worthy of a blog post πŸ˜€ As you say, no-one else can write the companion book that you will write…

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