Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

King of Sticks β€” Tarot of the Absurd

Jessica Rose ShanahanArtist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


Today I illustrated this card. It was not random. First I had to learn what a king is: a king is one who frees himself from his own fear to become a natural leader.


I lead the illustration of my final four cardsβ€” the kingsβ€” with the king of sticks because a member of the aeclectic tarot wrote me this: “The King of Wands is about staying in charge of what you want to create. It’s about knowing what that is and being sure of it, not letting anything get you side-tracked, knowing what needs to be done to create it and keeping at it until it’s done…”


The King of Sticks is a visionary, inclined change the world to match his ideal. This king is the inner vision, the determining factor, the navigator of circumstance. He rules a strong and direct course of action and does not waste time on activities or relationships that lead nowhere.


With his self-confidence and clear focus on long-term goals, he empowers others to take on the challenge of change. Given power to deliver his visions and reassured they will succeed, others want to work for him. People know he will get things done and do them well.


By means of great leadership, the King of Sticks solves difficult problems with a solutions that benefit his people. Do the king’s work. Embody the king. Become the king himself. In this role, there is no room for doubt or indecision. The King of Wands is opportunity presenting itself.

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