Sunday, May 17th, 2015

What is in Momma’s belly?

We went down to the rocks so Martin could take some pictures of me with an overflowing belly of baby. He has not touched a camera more than a handful of times in his life, so I gave lots of instructions. For some reason, he understoodΒ that the entire subject matter needed to be inside the tiny focus rectangle at the center of the screen. The good thing about this is there is definitely no chopping off of body parts and it certainly leaves a lot of room for re-composing the photo by cropping and generally what you want to be in focus will be in focus. Luckily my camera has a relatively large sensor, allowing for LOTS of enlargement of an extreme crop. Thank you, Papa!






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  1. Mamie Huguette says:

    Hello! Qui est lΓ ? Je suis ton petit frΓ¨re ou ta petite sΕ“ur qui a hΓ’te de te voir Iris.J’arrive bientΓ΄t. Sois patiente.
    Bonne fin de grossesse Jessica. Bientôt,je serai mamie une cinquième fois. Quel bonheur! xx

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