Sunday, February 9th, 2020

On the Playroom Overpass


By the time I arrived with my camera,




the shenanigans had been going on for some time.




It was Martin who built the overpass in the playroom,




but I couldn’t make sense of the commotion.




A loaded bus brings some people to the off-ramp side.




They join what is, in my eyes, a sit-in (or lie-in) of sorts, protesting traffic on the bridge.




A womanβ€” played by the dollhouse mamaβ€” seems to be in charge.





A swing set is erected on the overpass.




Deals are made, people exchanged.






Abruptly, the mood turns.




The dollhouse mama, whatever her mission had been, is now cast to the shadows.




Traffic is returning to the overpass!




Engines ROAR as the truck ascends the ramp!




People load up the bus to go. Their blankets are hastily removed.




The arc and the swing set are removed; the ATV is loaded on to the car transporter.




Fully loaded, the great truck begins its perilous descent.




Calamity! On the way down, part of the bridge collapses!




The engineer is brought in to administer repairs.




Brrrm brrrm brrrm…




The arc and the controller return to the bridge.




The truck makes its way under the overpass,




circles on the cloverleaf,





and ascends.




*   *   *


Later, we go for a walk in the woods.

Iris takes out a magnifying glass in attempt to determine whether the green on a tree is a moss or a lichen.

She determines it is a lichen.


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