Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

Goose Walk to the Coaticook

I wanted to bring the goslings somewhere new and different, so I loaded them into the basket of the cargo bike to go for a ride. I didn’t know that geese don’t like riding bicycles. It would explain some things, tho! I suppose if they liked riding bikes, they could bike south instead of fly. Unfortunately, our geese can’t ride bikes or fly. To make the trip to the river easier on them, I put a big burlap bag over the basket.


I biked through the woods until I couldn’t go any further on the cargo bike, then we all walked.




It may well be a kilometer between the bike and where I wanted to go on the river.




By the time we got there, the geese were too exhausted to swim.




They sat in the grass and had a big snack.




Akiva was not too tired to play.

He brought Orange Boy in the boat to the river.




Huge rapids! The boat capsized! AAAH! HELP!




We returned a different way.




Unfortunately for the geese, it was no shorter.

They forgave us eventually.


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