Friday, January 6th, 2012

Two of Pentacles β€” The Light and Shadow Tarot

Artist: Michael Goepferd

Author: Brian Williams


Interpretation: “Change and balance. The equilibrium and companionship of forces that could, in other circumstances, conflict.”


I am tired. I have so much to complete before my baby is born. I was tempted to say, “Tell me nothing.” The deck silently replied, “Do not listen,” and remained face down. What was I to do? I am tired. I said, “Then tell me something about time.”


Brian Williams writes for this card, “Touch forever changes the face of the world, the connection to it and every other.” I am touched by time,Β  embraced by time, wrapped in the infinite ouroboros of time.


The two of coins represents an individual juggling seemingly conflicting interests. This card indicates the necessity for balance between new ventures and other areas of life. It serves as a reminder to remain alert, be clear about priorities and manage time well. There is a tendency to be distracted by day-to-day affairs and general busy-ness. Keeping on top of daily affairs is as important as pursuing broader life goals. Be sure that bills are paid on time, chores are done, and all appointments and daily commitments are kept, lest they become obstacles which hinder the attainment of larger life goals.


Two of coins predicts change. To cope with change, remain flexible, adaptable, and centered. Go with the flow. Life will always be uncertain, yet balance and harmony among its demands is possible. Balance and harmony leads to a happy life, and happiness is the ultimate form of prosperity.


As the wise Mister Rogers sang:

You can make-believe it happens, or pretend that something’s true.
You can wish or hope or contemplate a thing you’d like to do,
But until you start to do it, you will never see it through
‘Cause the make-believe pretending just won’t do it for you.



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