Monday, January 30th, 2012

18. The Moon β€” Deviant Moon Tarot

Artist: Patrick Valenzia


I was going to say, β€œTell me something about the moon,” as this is the Deviant Moon Tarot. Then I thought, “That’s too demanding.” As I took the cards out of the box, I thought of asking, β€œTell me something about Quebec.” One card stuck in the box: the Four of Blades: solitude. I took this as a hint and changed my question yet again, shuffled, and said β€œWhat am I afraid of?” I spread the cards, considered them, and drew The Moon, upright. I was back where I had started.



Upright: Brainwashing. Dark influences. Trickery. Illusion. Subconscious control.

Upwrong: Avoiding reality. Strange forces. Delusional thoughts. Lies and despair.

β€œThe deviant moon casts its powerful influence over the city, controlling minds like a puppeteer.”


The Moon says: Something is not as it appears to be.


The Moon shows itself to a traveler unsure of his destination or the path on which he journeys. This Moon is the light of intuition and of dream that leads to higher understanding of the veiled messages of the unconscious to reveal the way forward.


The Moon illuminates the shadow side in each of us, projecting silhouettes of past fears onto our present body. Repressed images, thoughts and feelings cause inner disturbances that overwhelm us with waves of fear and anxiety.


Vigilance through the dark night shows the edges of that which is hidden. No matter how one feel about a situation, good or bad, the Moon says: Open your eyes. See what it really going on. Illusion causes error in judgment.


Deep memory must be released and the soul dredged to let the shadow side of lingering, hidden truths be pulled to the surface. Let these truths no longer haunt like monsters of the night.


Something is not as it appears to be. Open your eyes. See what it really going on. Illusion causes error in judgment.


What am I afraid of? I am afraid of losing my mind, of being an only soul, alone upon the dark side of the Moon.


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