Sunday, May 9th, 2021

The Island in Spring (L’Île du Marais)

We went to the island for Mother’s day. I insisted we go before breakfast.

We spent the morning looking at things.




I took many fascinating photos through a magnifying glass, after which I learned a few things.

One: I have a hard time focusing the camera properly.

Two: magnifying glasses are made of glass, and glass does a lot of reflecting.

In the end of all of it, I ended up with one good magnifying glass photo.




There is a big-ol’ sideways root ball along the path.

It makes Martin feel quite manly to climb a few feet up it,

so he always gratifies himself with a wee climb on ye ol’ root ball.

He talks about how impressive he is to Akiva, so naturally Akiva climbs up it, too.




100% of the time that we visit L’Île du Marais, I have to take a photo at this exact spot.

Just for some variety, I’m leaving the colour up to your imagination this time.




Going through some old photos, I discovered this old photo of her winking into the sunshine while looking in the camera.

Nearly a lifetime and a half later, she’s only getting cuter!





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