Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Mousse de Nombril

When Iris was seven months old,

her favorite game to play with Papa when he came home was Taste the Name Tag.

The rules were simple, but the game could last quite a while.




These days, their games are more complex.

Mousse!” says Iris, then commands her father (in French)

to lie on his back and hand her the little LED light.

She proceeds to examine his nombril

in order to extract the copious amounts of mousse

that form after a day’s hard work sitting in front of a computer wearing a white T-shirt.




For any of you who are wondering if this mousse is the same as

(1) the sweet fluffy chocolatey stuff commonly served as a dessert


(2) the lightly scented hair product used by some people with hair on their heads

the answer is yes,


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