Queen of Wands Crossed by Temperance — Fairy Tale Tarot

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

I was recently gifted a nice new little laptop from a couple of family members. It is my first new computer in nearly eight years, thus I need to go about purchasing all those updated graphics programs. I want to draw cool pictures— might I someday be gifted the time!— so I bought a big screen. Then, of course, having a screen, I bought an external keyboard. Not having used a mouse since sometime in the mid 90s, I found it necessary to purchase an external trackpad. I don’t have all the correct adapters and such yet, so I’ve got a lot of pretty hardware sitting on my desk collecting fingerprints.


I need a break from my own deck and from one-card readings. My most-used spread has always been the celtic cross, although I am not certain I know what all the positions mean. Thus, I study the first two positions: The Significator and What Crosses Me. This would increase my typical reading by NEW! IMPROVED! 100% MORE CARDS! (one).


After more consideration than usual, I pulled the MRP Fairy Tale Tarot off the shelf. I really wanted something else, something simpler, but I paid too much for this deck, so I figure I ought to either try to appreciate it or be rid of it.


I picked out the Queen of Wands to represent myself, shuffled the deck, asked, “What Crosses Me?” and pulled Temperance. Is it possible to be crossed by temperance?


I take a break to scan the cards and ponder this and quickly discover that there is no software which enables my old scanner to function with my new computer. Sigh!*


The Fairy Tale story is called “Water and Salt.” It’s about learning to listen and appreciate the value of ordinary life. I suppose it is possible to be crossed by Temperance if one wishes to do something extraordinary. Or it is possible to be crossed by Temperance if one is extremely well-rounded and cannot choose a single path to follow. I suppose it is possible to be double-crossed by temperance should both instances be the case. Recently, I’ve been feeling double-crossed by temperance.


All the extremes that made my life so unusual are tempered by having a child. There are a number of extremes that I have excelled at. However, no one extreme has stood out above the rest for any extended period of time— except from the point of view of my partner’s son who sums it up quite well by saying that I am extremely bizarre. I have never argued.


The battle between the desire to DO DO DO DO DO and the desire to chill with my babe is not much of a struggle: the baby wins most every time. My one remaining extremity is writing. The fabulous worlds created by miraculous manipulation of the alphabet are one of the truest forms of magic. I have always dabbled in this form of sorcery. It has always been my dream to enchant.


Double-crossed by Temperance, the Queen pares her Wand to a fine point and takes aim.


*And I need a new camera, too, if I am ever to take pictures of my soon-to-crawl daughter.Baba Studios Magic Realist Press

Ace of Cups — The Fairytale Tarot

Friday, February 24th, 2012

1 Cup Fairytale TarotWritten & Designed by Karen Mahoney
Illustrated by Alexandr Ukolov, Baba Studio
Artwork by Irena Třískov


Feeling nostalgic for an era ended not long ago— five months, to be exact— I said, “Tell me something about climbing trees.” The deck showed me the Ace of Cups.


Keywords & phrases: Being open to new  creative beginnings • Bursting with life and passion • Accepting love and affection • Exhilaration about imaginative or artistic projects.


“The Ace of Cups shows us a moment of emotional openness and new beginnings. It’s a card that signals the possibility of new connections with people or with things that arose strongly positive feelings in us. It tells us to accept, rather than analyse, these emotions, and to be glad of the flood of warmth and companionship that they bring.”


The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love, happiness and compassion. It can indicate the start of a new relationship, the sort in which two souls connect and leave each feeling good about themselves and life in general. It is a card of giving and accepting love unconditionally.


Climbing trees was a love. I loved it. I loved the movement and structure of the tree, the physical exhilaration, mastering the skills necessary to perform my job, and the view from the top. I love trees. Climbing trees is something I am letting go of right now in order to make space for my baby. Although it was my favorite job I ever had, I am not certain I would want to climb for a living in the future. I feel protective. I want to seek out something more subdued and nurturing. I no longer need to prove myself master of a man’s trade. This leaves me nostalgic. Nostalgia is not all bad, though. I know sometime in the future I will be nostalgic for today— the time that is now— when I am newly through with climbing trees and open to whatever this new venture of motherhood brings to me.

Ten of Wands — The Fairytale Tarot

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Written & Designed by Karen Mahoney
Illustrated by Alexandr Ukolov, Baba Studio
Artwork by Irena Třísková
[I don’t know what it means that the illustrations & the artwork are by two different people]


I asked, “What do I need in order to illustrate my kings?” and drew the ten of wands.


“Key words & phrases: taking on more than you can deal with; feeling burdened and crushed; letting work overwhelm you; too much action leads to exhaustion; allowing things to get out of hand.”


Also: “The Ten of Wands is often about someone who feels overburned and overwhelmed by tasks that they themselves have taken on…” Feeling burnt out.


I never much liked the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I thought the boy should have known better and just gotten to work. I suppose the work seemed daunting. He thought, as we all do at times, there must be an easier way. Now it is I, searching through the old sorcerer’s books for some spell that I might cast to lighten my load.


I am, indeed, a bit burnt out on this project. It has been going on for so long that it ought to just be done by now. If I was a bit more consistent in my efforts, perhaps I’d be finished. But at the rate of about five cards a year, this sort of thing does drag out. It’s not as if I haven’t had the time. Today, (or yesterday, as it were,) for example, I did absolutely nothing whatsoever (unless surfing the net counts as something) until 6:30 p.m., whereupon I began to panic and finally started finishing a card I began two months ago! I didn’t even bring any wood. I’m going to wake up to a 50-degree house. What a sloth!


The truth is, I now have four more cards to illustrate before the end of March. As someone kindly pointed out, there is no way I am ever going to finish this if I wait until after I have a baby. This is what I need in order to illustrate my kings: I need to knuckle-down and draw. I need to fill the well myself. There is no magic answer for me. I have taken on a large project, it is true, but it gets no closer to being done while gathering virtual dust on my hard-drive.


I have always had trouble finishing things.


I am posting this first-thing in the wee hours because
my day is booked with things I did not do the day before—
  unfortunately I still need to get to bed before I can wake up.