Monday, January 23rd, 2012

King of Blades β€” Tarot of the Absurd

Jessica Shanahan[I finished this illustration yesterday.]


Artist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


Upright: Clear thinking, intellectual power, authority, truth
Reversed: Manipulative, tyrannical, abusive


The King of Blades is in control of his thoughts. He is the king of clear mind, of rational plan, of undistracted concentration. He is not lead by wandering thought, nor are his thoughts lead by emotion.


The King of Blades’ power and authority lie in his ability to use logic and intellect to accomplish what he desires. He is an advisor with a solid reputation and a vast amount of knowledge in his field. His is the side of history, laws, structure and diplomacy. His is the stern but fair leadership of an incorruptible man of the highest ethical standards. He keeps his emotions in check and uses judgment as a compass to navigate path ahead. His ability to remain detached and objective in any situation allows him to seek out the facts and ascertain the truth. He is well-positioned to judge a situation appropriately and identify limiting behaviors. With the ability to take any situation, look at it with impartiality, and come to a decision that is both fair and insightful, he firmly gives sound advice to everyone.


β€’ Β  β€’Β Β  β€’


Martin, quite new to reading Tarot, does an impeccable job interpreting this card:

“Here is a fashionably dressed young King with his curled hair. He seems like a cool guy ready to party not to govern people. The little knife* he holds in his left hand is an indication that he is probably a peaceful person and has not interest for power. His throne and Kingdom were probably a legacy from his dad. The way he stands up with one foot on his throne, legs spread open and pubic bone pointing towards doesn’t seem appropriate for his standing and confirm his sexual orientation. I don’t think he has received his King training yet.”


*This is supposed to be a fountain pen.

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