Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Wynn Bullock: Child in Forest, 1951

Aside from my grandfather’s photographs, the photographs I looked at most growing up were those in the large exhibition catalog ofΒ The Family of ManΒ exhibit,Β curated by Edward Steighen,Β first shown at the Museum of Modern ArtΒ in New York in 1955.Β That book helped form the ground for my ideals in photography, none of which I can claim to have attained.



One of the photographs that stuck with me over the years was Wynn Bullock’s Child in Forestβ€”

possibly because I found it slightly disturbing and failed to make any sense of it.

wynn bullock photograph



However, when I saw Martin digging in the ball pit, I knew exactly how to photograph him.


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  1. KT says:

    very thought provoking comparison

  2. You must be said that he died a the ball pit. He died in a place of joy. It should be turned into a memorial.

    • Jessica says:

      Is he dead? Is the child in the forest dead, too? Is it truly a child in the forest? And what about chilliness? And what of creepy crawlies? And did you know there is a parachute at the bottom of the ball pit? What does the parachute symbolize? And what sort of plant covers the forest floor? Is it a manicured forest? It is all so confusing!

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