Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Ten of Coins β€” Tarot of the Absurd

feedback farm alaskaArtist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


Generally, I don’t like asking questions about the future. The future is what I make of it; it will unfold one way or another. Sometimes, it is nice to be reassured that everything will be okay. Today I asked the deck to give me a hint about what I will do with my life after I have a baby. I drew the Six of Blades, previously drawn from this deck on December 27th, 2011β€” you can see the card and read it’s story there. Briefly, the Six of Blades shows a journey of transformation or a rite of passage. I asked, β€œWhere will this journey lead me?” and pulled the Ten of Coins.


The Ten of Coins is about wealth. This card shows a family sitting on a treasure chest. I drew the image with some friends of mine in mind, many years ago when they only had one baby. The baby is no longer a baby. There are now more children. Their riches are the same.


In our culture, wealth is most often thought about in terms of property or investment assets. When I went to take out a mortgage loan, at one point I told the mortgage broker, β€œI like to pretend I’m very wealthy.” He looked up from his paperwork. β€œYou’re not,” he said. I hadn’t expected a mortgage broker to think I’m wealthy. β€œI like to pretend I’m wealthy,” I said, trying to emphasize the bit about pretending. β€œWell,” he said, looking me in the eye, β€œyou’re not.” I don’t know what his point was; my point was that I feel as if I have enough for my needs.


The Ten of Coins is a card of affluence and wealth, but true wealth cannot be measured by a mortgage broker. Wealth is the realization that one has enough to satisfy one’s needs. This is a card of shows financial security, accomplishment, and comfort. It is a card of commitment to sustainability, long-term investment, and following a consistent approach to achieve a form of success that truly stands the test of time.


The Ten of Coins says, despite challenges and setbacks, everything will eventually come together beautifully. This sense of accomplishment is a result of an improved career path, more solid finances, a stable home, and committed long-term relationships called β€œfamily.” Familyβ€” or a family of beloved friendsβ€” is incredibly important for the sense of place and the sense of belonging this card represents. Those who earn the Ten of Coins feel compelled to share their success with others.


I knew the friends I depicted on the card would never have a bundle of money, but a bundle of money is not a measure of true wealth. Their wealth lies in their family, their commitment to the land, and their commitment to their way of life. They share generously with others. I admire them immensely. I will be joyous if my journey leads me to the place where their hearts sit.

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