Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Two of Cups β€” Tarots Oreste Zevola

Artist: Oreste Zevola


Excellent! Two of Cups again. I admit, I still find this deck’s artwork slightly unnerving. My younger sister, who is still visiting, points out that that the cups are smiling and that it’s not their fault if they have pointy teeth. I don’t want her to leave, but I haven’t told her so. Perhaps she will only find out if she happens to read my blog. Before tomorrow. Morning. She is my Two of Cups buddy.


with anotherβ€”
in union
in friendship
in partnership
in working
in sharing
in helping
in seeing how
two are the same.


Make peace
in a relationship.
are gone.
and forgive
and forget.


Drawn in.
Move forward





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