Tuesday, April 7th, 2015


“How to niddy-noddy,” says Iris, taking apart the device and putting it together.

“How to niddy-noddy,” and I don’t know whether it is a question or a statement.





My previous dye technique involved putting yarn in a pot, dying it,

then spending an extraordinary amount of time untying tangles.

So I* made a niddy-noddy for loopingΒ nice hanks.


Yarn Hanks-8163


Nice hanks!




*NOTE: Martin made the niddy-noddy. I told him where to cut the PVC & after he cut it he accidentally put it together. It tookΒ all of three seconds. But I took it apart & put it together, so I made it, too. Then I suppose becauseΒ Iris took it apart & put it together, she made it, too.

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  1. Mom says:

    Between the niddy-noddy and the yarn winder you need a swift.

    • Jessica says:

      At first I thought the swift was to swoop down quickly and snatch the yarn from the niddy-noddy to build it to nests before I could get it to the winder, but then I looked up the term, and now it seems like a mighty useful tool indeed. Do you own one?

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