Monday, December 30th, 2013

My sweet potato custard obsession

I made up a recipe for sweet potato custard pie before Christmas.

Martin thought it was fantastic; I thought it was imperfect.

So I made up another one. This time I left out the crust. Really, I’m just interested in the formation of custard.

It was real yummy, but then I ate too much, which didn’t feel so good.


sweet potato pie


Here’s my recipe, because I didn’t see anything like it on line, and because it’s the only thing I photographed today:


2 cups (about 2 medium) sweet potato, boiled and peeled

Β½ cup sugar

3 eggs

Β½ Tablespoon cornstarch

2 cups heavy (whipping) cream

Β½ teaspoon coffee extract

tiny dash of cinnamon

bigger dash of ginger

blob of molasses; about 2 Tbsp


Mix well everything but the eggs and cream. Beat in the eggs. Mix in the cream.

Pour into 4 custard dishes (equivalent of one 9″ pie)

Bake at 400Β°F for 40 minutes or until a knife inserted halfway between center and outside comes out clean.



Iris calls it pie. Now after dinner she chants, “Pie! Pie!”



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