Sunday, July 4th, 2021

Rope Rhymes


Iris Spins for Akiva for a Long Long Time



Dressed in yella’

Wen tup stairs ta

Kiss ‘er fella

By mistake she

Kissed a snakeβ€”

How many doctors

Did it take?













Akiva Spins for Iris but Gives Up Quickly


Pleece-min, pleece-min

Do yer dooty

Here come

Ziris the American beauty

Sheekin wibble

Sheekin wobble

Sheekin doothe double splits

Bud I betchew

A doller

Thatshe can’t’do this!











Mama Spins with One Hand while Holding the Camera in the Other


Eekka kadeekka

Ka-dusk ka-day

Rufftie pufftie, carmel-a

Wippity wappity

Poppity pappity

Meepity mappity

Moppity may

X spells she sells

Wedding bells

And snail shells

Eekka kadeekka

Ka-dusk ka-day

Rufftie pufftie, carmel-a!




















I took 255 photos of the kids jumping rope. These aren’t nearly half the good ones.



2 Responses

  1. Mom says:

    I remember living in Germantown back in the 70s and dodging the kids on the sidewalks twirling double dutch. Haven’t seen that in ages.

    • Jessica says:

      Me neither! Kids don’t jump rope or play with finger cords in school anymore, so we had to watch some videos of them doing such things. These days, kids stay at home and watch videos of people doing things!

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