Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Assembly Line Heads

I’m working on making a score of dollies. All their homes have been accounted for in advance. Although I am supposed to be making one per week, I have opted to try the assembly-line method of production. It’s really helpful, because I can refine my technique immediately when I did something I realize I can do better. It’s sort-of like lettering drills that elementary school teachers give their students: practice one thing lots and lots, move on to the next, then string it all together.



“I’ve got all my heads in a rowβ€””

ten doll heads-8120

β€”I think that stems from a duck-hunting metaphor, which is rather morbid when one thinks about it.



“Don’t put all your heads in one basketβ€””

ten doll heads-8117

β€”Β I don’t know if that one’s any better.

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  1. Mom says:

    All one’s ducks in a row… All precisely organized for target practice, but not real ducks, could be dolly heads.

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