Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Mt. Philo

When Iris was tiny, I hiked Mt. Philo with her lots & lots.

My sister Cate took this photo when Iris was almost five months old.IMG_1523


But now that Iris is bigger, she doesn’t like being carried around all day along.

This means I get less exercise, but Iris gets more exercise.

Today, we finally hiked Mt. Philo again. Our friends went with us.

Little E. and Iris hiked maybe half-way. After a little while, E. decided to take a shortcut.

Unfortunately, the terrain he chose was not too toddler friendly.

09 24 13_4998


Iris and E. explored the summit.

09 24 13_5034


Apparently, E. is pretty sweet on Iris…

09 24 13_5007_edited-1

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