Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Page of Pentacles β€” The Lover’s Tarot

Jane Lyle[NOTE: Not that I’m doing deck reviews here, but I dislike it when some “artist” does a lot of (often poor) cutting and pasting from classical images and then doesn’t tell us where the images are sourced. All ‘ye artists out there: see Karen Mahoney & Alex Ukolov’s excellent book for the Tarot of Prague for an example of beautifully sourced artwork.]


Artist: Oliver Burston
Book: Jane Lyle


Interpretation: upright: It is a joyful, happy card wherever it falls. Listen to your voice. Pay attention to your dreams. inverted: Something is not what it seems. Take time to assess the reality of a situation.


Generally, I look at every card upright. As Brian sang, while hanging on the cross, Always look at the bright side of lifeβ€” (ba-bum, ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum)Β  When I flipped the card over, my first thought was, “It’s upside down.”Β  Either way, it does makes sense to look at both sides at once. Thus: listen to your voice and take time to assess the reality of a situation.


Jane Lyle’s book that comes with the deck is, as implied, skewed toward affairs of the heart. Her emphasis is on self-reflection and introspection, not divination. She asks us to ponder β€”does this card represent an individual? β€”yourself? β€”a situation or a relationship phase? β€”and says: “When describing an aspect of personality, it heralds an intuitive, creative phase, and has close links with the first stirrings of romantic love and desire.”


If I am a romantic at heart, which I say I am when defining my heart, than all my love is romantic. As for desireβ€” who is free from desire?


In this intuitive, creative phase heralded by pregnancy (intuitive because I haven’t a clue what I am doing; creative because I’ll be making everything up as I go along) there are many things that will need to change. The page of coins tells me to pay attention to what I need to do to manifest my dreams in the material world.


One simple change: Martin suggested we move to Quebec. (The more complex changes that come after having a child are currently incomprehensible to me, and thus outside the scope of my dreams.) After a long period of refusal, (too far from my family, I don’t know the language, I’m sick of making new friends, too isolating, etc.) I am now in love (or perhaps it is lust) with the idea of moving: I have had a change of heart. This material change (relocation) will help me manifest my desire to learn French.


I am especially in love with the idea of Quebec City. What ecstasy to fall in love with an old cityβ€” with its arches and staircasesβ€” stone walls and churchesβ€” steeplesβ€” statuesβ€” parks and windowsβ€” doorwaysβ€” curves and cornersβ€” O! deliciously sensual. I dream of wandering alone. Today I am off to initiate my love affair with Quebec City…

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