Sunday, January 29th, 2012

King of Pentacles β€” Pearls of Wisdom

Artist: Roxi Sim

Booklet: Caeli Fullbrite


I saidβ€” tell me something of a breaking heartβ€”



Β Interpretation:

“Archetypal male, strongly related to the riches of the earth.

His love and care bring abundance.

He is loyal, reliable, sincere, and successful,

especially on the material plane.

Whatever he touches leads to security and protection.”


the woman said to meβ€”
there is no other for
he is the King of Coinsβ€”
but I don’t know what love isβ€”


I saidβ€” love is just thatβ€”


but now it is too lateβ€” she said
for he has lost all hope


and I said β€” hope

is all you’ve left to loose

the King’s heart breaks slow
his Lover’s heart tumbles soon after

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