Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


Iris wanted a party for her birthday.

We’d gone a long time discussing who would and

who would not be invited until, in the end, Iris decided the right thing to do

would be to invite over everyone from Terri’s Morning Garden.

As a gift for us, the sun shone sweetly after a week of rain:

I had no alternative plans to holding the party outside.

We meandered down to the river, played in the water, then returned to eat fruit salad and chat.



The worst part, according to Iris, was the fact that I asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday.

“It was too long after my birthday,” she said. “I just wanted a party.”

Iris was, as usual, correct. It had felt awkward.


Left to right: Althea, Iris, Ivy, Lottie, Eva, Enza. Missing: Hanna, located off-camera to the right.

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