Thursday, November 25th, 2021

United States Thanksgiving Visitors

Mom, Dad, Dan, and Ari came to visit!

Dan spent a good amount of time in the basement with the kids.




He drew on-demand coloring pages for Akivaβ€”








He wrote and illustrated a book with Irisβ€”








Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Thank you, Dan. We all love you very much.




Β *Β  Β *Β  Β *Β 


The Troll and Mellisa by Dan and Iris



Mellisa sees a troll in the distance on her way to school.



The troll came closer. The troll said “GIVE ME YOUR MATH BOOK!”

Mellisa was scared but she refused. The troll secretly grabbed it.



Mellisa noticed her math book was gone! The teacher sent her home to look for it.



Mellisa walked home and she started to play in her sand box.



Mellisa tried to pull on the cones. They would not come out of the sand!

She started to dig. She found the troll and her math book.



She grabs the book and runs. Mellisa got away! The troll returned to his stream.



Mellisa returned to school. Her teacher was proud of her.

The End





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