Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Ten of Blades β€” Tarot of the Absurd

Jessica Rose ShanahanArtist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


I said, “Tell me something about money,” and drew this card, reversed.


Blades are related to thoughts, plans, and attitudes. This card indicates a forceful re-evaluation of previous values, leading to a transformation that can eventually bring growth.


The ten of blades may indicate resisting an inevitable ending, fear of ruin, or dwelling on a painful ending. This creates unnecessary fear and anxiety. Are things really as bad as they seem? Old wounds need to be brought up, dealt with, and released. This is always difficult, but it is important to look ahead and realize how change frees you up to re-direct your energy and reshape your life.


So, I will be forced to re-evaluate my attitudes about money. I have generally spent as little as possible that I might work as little as possible. I have always counted my savings, felt in control of the money I spend, and stayed positive and monetarily independentβ€” or at least had a relatively strong illusion of being so. Having a child is a joint-venture. I will no longer even be able to pretend I am independent. In the near future, there will be a gazillion unforeseen expenses. I may get closer to running out of money than I ever have. I will be more willing to share money and spend money on others than I have been. Certainly, I will learn a lot.

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