Saturday, August 11th, 2018

The Airless B&B

On the way home from camping, we stopped just outside of Montreal for two nights to do a few things. We stayed in an air B&B which, in this case, was an airless B&B. It was located in a basement with very little ventilation and no AC, and it was HOT. When we asked for a fan, the owner took the one from the chicken coopβ€” but it didn’t seem to work anymore, so there we were. We washed our camping clothing & dried them into a dryer that vented into the basement. Hot. The water in the house was not potable, which we did not know in advance. The woman left us a gallon, which certainly doesn’t go far amongst four hot, hot sweaty people. Gallon after gallon, we went to buy more at the not-so-close store. I was thirsty. The crickets were too loud to allow us to sleep with the one available window open. The beds were not quite made of cardboard. While we were there, Akiva scratched Iris on the arm. A tiny scratch. It did not bleed. But the broken skin got infected. One long blister and two smaller ones swelled and broke. Of all the places I have slept in of dubious quality in various third-world countries, this one was the worst.


Here you see Iris back home on our own bike path,

white bandage covering her infected scratch,

small bandage covering another scratch on the other arm.

She is anxious about biking.


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