Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The Emperor β€” Tarot Noir

Robyn Tisch-HollisterArtist: Robyn Tisch-Hollister


Waiting for this baby, I say, β€œTeach me something about patience,” and draw the Emperor, reversed.


Mr. Emperor. I’ve always had trouble with you. You would show up reversed. I have trouble dealing with authority. Yeah, so what? That’s because people in “authority” often take it instead of earn it. I have no patience for such people. I had issues illustrating the Emperor card: I have trouble seeing anything other than his domineering and controlling manner. Supposedly, the Emperor can be a nice, fatherly figure to the whole deck, but I haven’t seen it. They say, upright, he sets his long range goals and has no problems with patience needed to achieve them. What foresight! What planning! What control. What if I don’t agree with your plans, Mr. Emperor?


Patiently, I wait for Baby to be born. According to my initial divinations, the apple will fall from the tree during the 2nd week in April. Modern technology has thrown my own mathematics for a loop. The ultrasound technicianβ€” who was not there for conceptionβ€” says I’m due last weekend. Although I seem to have no authority over my own body, the situation isn’t bad. Patience is the only thing I need. In the grand scheme of things, that is asking very little. I should upright the Emperor and learn to see him as the baby’s father. Perhaps then I could learn to love the Emperor.

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  1. cassandra022 says:

    it’s funny – for me I associate the Hierophant more with that kind of uncomfortable authority blah, whereas Emperors for me tend to be more about…discipline, responsibility, organization, leadership, taking charge of a situation, taking control…

    reversed, I would see it kind of as…the emperor who realizes there is something he cannot rule over, cannot control and micromanage, something that is bigger than him. the person used to respect having to respect something…letting go, accepting things will happen as they will and its out of your hands?

    (ha, this makes me realize that I kind of related to this card more as seeing myself AS the emperor than as the emperor being external person…)

    Good luck with the birth, whenever it happens. fwiw, they told my mother I was due on 14th of a month and didn’t actually appear until the 27th. Perhaps the wee one wants to be an Aries? Or didn’t want to be a Pisces, I guess? ;]

  2. Jessica says:

    You ARE the Emperor. Right? You’re every card, as long as you have the insight to see that card within you. I like your reading. I was attempting go that way…

    I have a tendency to see cards as they reflect my life. Because I never personally had any discomfort with religious authority (never been to church, etc.) I have a very liberal definition of what god is and those things that bring us closer to realization of god, which is how I see the Hierophant.

    However, I definitely had trouble dealing with the authority of my family’s Emperor. I guess I need to see who the Emperor is within me and come to peace with that.

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