Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

A Driveway Full of Snow

It snowed.




While Iris detailed the front steps, building cairns from crusted icy snow,




Martin cleared (a small part of) the driveway.




Instead of shoveling the snow off to the side, he decided to take it elsewhere.




He filled the sled with snow




until it was full,




then pulled it to the back yard




and released it




down the hill.




He dumped the snow-filled sled




just outside the fence



and went back up the hill to get more.
















2 Responses

  1. admin says:

    It’s fantastic that Martin can turn the snow shoveling chore into a game. I’m also impressed that he can aim that wide sled between the gate posts. If it were me, the sled would bump into both posts at once.

    • Jessica says:

      Actually, it was a miracle. After releasing the sled, he fully expected it to bump into both posts at once and didn’t breathe until long after Akiva was safely in the field.

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