Monday, March 19th, 2012

Three of Cups β€” The Lovers Tarot

Jane LyleArtist: Oliver Burston
Book: Jane Lyle


Although I am not a fan of the Lovers’ Tarot per se (see my previous rants here and here), I generally like what Jane Lyle has to say about cards even if I was sarcastic last time and critical about the art the time before.


Because I am using the Lovers’ Tarot, and because I do not particularly like asking questions, I recite β€œI love my baby” over and over while shuffling this deck then draw a card: Three of Cups, reversed.


Three of Cups says:

Cup, cup, & cup: joy, laughter, & celebration. Positive energy brings on positive energy. Be careful about over-doing the celebration, tho, Barefoot (& Pregnant) Fool: you know you’re prone to over-eating, and it doesn’t help any.


B. Fool hides her dish of food behind the computer screen & wipes her hands on her pyjamas.


Three of Cups continues:

And watch that spending becauseβ€” income? what income? If you’re going to spend money, try to classify the expenditures as investments or necessary. For example, how many new tarot decks do you really need?


The Fool gets defensive and cries:

Investment! Necessary! Support the Arts! I promise to forego adding to my striped-wool-sock collection! β€”Tho if there are really cute ones in baby sizes, they’re technically not for me.


Three of Cups rolls three gold eyes & has the final word:

It is possible to have fun while remaining balanced. Be honest with yourself and with your partner. Eat green vegetables in addition to chocolate. Cook for your lover and eat together. Do some yoga tomorrow, go for a short walk, and it will feel good. Admit your accomplishments. Love your friends. Enjoy these fat and happy days. Life will change in a minute.

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