Monday, February 20th, 2012

Re de Denari β€” Il Tarocco Bizzarro

re di denariArtist: Franco Bruna


β€œCoins are the suit of money and success. They refer to practicality, concreteness and the physical world. They are linked to the earth element because of their solidness and reality.”
King: Commercialist, trader, financier, smart investment.


The King of Coins was the final card I illustrated for my deck. I have pulled it numerous times from other decks. I no longer recall why I had such issues illustrating the kings. I think I had trouble motivating myself to sit down. I have always said I’ll finish all my more sedentary projects when I’m crippled.


A friend who infallibly misunderstood the gist of what I said once replied, β€œWhy do you plan on becoming crippled?” Too caught off guard to explain that the effects of age are often crippling, I replied, β€œI don’t plan on it—” and he said β€œYou’ll never finish anything.” Alas, he lived his life as an inverted Two of Coins. It was not in his nature to understand my reasoning.


[Oops! I meant to post a card of mine today! I’ll show my own King of Coins tomorrow…]

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