Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Two of Sticks β€” Tarot of the Absurd


Well favored, the Two of Sticks is about planning, progress, decisions and discovery. With such careful steps and the courage to attempt something less than comfortable, these two dancers have managed to find stability and freedom in an apparently precarious pose.


Ill favored, with poor planning, these two dancers start to tremble, upsetting their delicate balance. As the future quickly becomes uncertain, they must make a hasty plan to dismount.


I am feeling stuck. I have no plan. I feel as if my balance depends upon a partner whose next move is unknown by anyone but the omniscient. I feel stuck in this posture. Although it is where I want to be, my inability to make a plan makes it seem as if I fail to accomplish anything, ever.


I could blame failure of accomplishment on the fact that my baby doesn’t nap without me by her side or holding her, but that seems a cop-out. She’s so cute! How can I blame anything on her? I would rather blame it on the fact that I fail to use my time wisely and I don’t plan anything successfully. Especially not naps.


I would like to write a cohesive companion book for this deck. What are the steps I need to take in order to be able to do this successfully? What’s the plan, Shanahan?

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  1. Judith says:

    How about that? In lieu of a single step, how about an outline or single paragraph?

    SO wanting you to do this….

  2. Jessica says:

    I am so wanting me to do something…
    An outline or a paragraph. Hmm.
    Grr. I’m typing with one hand and holding my sleepy baby with the other again. SleepY; not sleepING. An outline is a great idea. My plan was to use this blog as brainstorming, but I seem to be merely storming; no brain.

    (I don’t quite understand what that link is.)

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