Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Grandma Toys

I was so busy working on my trip to Syracuse that IΒ took very few photos. Mom took some photos of Iris dressing up in silk scarves and looking cross-eyed at a raisin balanced on her nose and doing other stuff that absolutely wonderful grandmothers might doΒ with their grandchildren when, suddenly and for the first time, they are in charge all day for many days in a row. Iris had a great time. She completely wore Mom out.


On my last day there, while I was busy packing, Iris played with the vintage mid-century Fisher Price Family House. The house has everything a house might need. As I walked up and down stairs and in and out of rooms, Iris re-arranged the furniture. I watched a moment as IrisΒ placed and removed one household item after another on the arm of a chair. Then she delicately crawled onto the chair, into the nook of her sleeping grandmother’s body, and played with the toys.





Unfortunately, the doll Mommy and doll GrandmaΒ seem to have gone on aΒ dust-bunny hunt together. The household of Β a girl, a boy, a baby and two dogs is now headed by a single man.

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