Monday, June 20th, 2016

Pinhead Returns!





A month later, Pinhead’s skin was removed. Iris, no longer so fond of her, stitched thread across her face and through her mouth and cheeks. Pinhead became a boy and married Baby Bear, who is also a boy.Β Iris tells me that it is okay for two boys to marry; they just can’t have any children. But Iris is no longer fond of Pinhead, without her-his skin. Pinhead is thrown across the room. I was going to make the head into a proper pincushionβ€” one with a felt-sculpted faceβ€” but now I am not so sure. I don’t need another pincushion. I would like to just wrap more wool around it and use it as an inner head for a doll, but I am not certain if that is right. What if someone took their doll apart, to find another doll inside? What if someone found out about the head inside the head?



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