Monday, December 19th, 2011

Five of Cups β€” Tarot of the Absurd

Jessica Rose Shanahan
[This is my third five of cups in all my 14 days of one-card readings. What am I, depressed?]
Artist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


Interpretation: Inability to see that, when the glass is half-empty, it is, indeed, half-full.


The man in the picture is glum. He is angry and disillusioned. He is sad for his loss and the imperfection of his life. He is sulking because all he can see is what is lostβ€” the four spilled cups in front of him. If he would only look aroundβ€” take a peek over his shoulderβ€” he would see that all is not lost. One shining cup hovers behind him, floating in the air like an apparition! Do not give up hope! Look for the positive! To do so requires a change in attitude. To see the bright side of a seemingly dismal situation takes a change in point-of-view. Stand up, walk over, turn around. The present situation is unstable and needs to change. Regret is useless. Look and seeβ€” what is possible?

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