Monday, April 8th, 2024

Our Eclipse


Ari came to visit for the eclipse.

We had some time to pass before the earth and moon were in their proper places

relative to the sun.




Ari brought a filter that she’d bought for her camera. She set it all up on a tripod.

I gave her an old black shirt to use as a photographer’s cloth.

As she photographed the sun, I photographed my family.




Ari says she didn’t get any good photographs. Neither did I. Nor did I try very hard.

Ari tried exactly as hard as a $15 filter can try.

Fortunately, there are squillions of people out there with better cameras and fancier filters than we have

who got decent photos of the hole in the sun.

There are at least an equal number of people out there who turned on the AI to paint some donut-sun photos.


This photo was taken at 100% coverage without a filter and (unfortunately) without the tripod.


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