Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Johnville Bog in June

Here I am again! Oh, how I love this place.

I like to take a photograph both with my back to the sunβ€”




β€”and facing the sun. I love to see the light on the plants and the clouds.




I love the kettle lakes, formed by receding glaciers.




I love my family as they follow me.

To show them my love, I take 137 photos and choose my favorite one.




I love how quiet it is.




When we walk through the bog on the way back, the light has changed again!

I love it!




Iris follows every photographic suggestion. She is the perfect model.

Akiva refuses to pose as I wish. He is a different kind of perfect.




I like the curve of the boardwalk, the light of the late evening sun,

the smile on Akiva’s face as he runs at the camera for 43 more photos.

I chose one of my favorites.




I love this place!

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