Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Gieves&Hawkes 100% Pure Cashmere Upcycle

Iris & I went to the Winter Festival at the Waldorf school yesterday. We got there at 2:30pm and, unfortunately, it ended at 3pm. We dashed in and out of some rooms filled with fantastic crafts.Β In one room was a woman named Selene Lutschg who makes upcycled baby and toddler clothing from old sweaters and sells them at her Etsy shop, Berchta’s Belly 1. Delightful! I looked and touched for a few minutesβ€” and I here apologize to her for not purchasing anythingβ€” then I wandered off to the sound of drumming. Iris and I spent the rest of our time in a room full of drummers, following the rhythms of a man in a yellow Nelson Mandela T-shirt. Good fun was had by all.


After Iris went to bed, I shrank a couple of my less-favorable sweaters. I looked all over the internet for a pattern I liked but found nothing good. So today while she was napping I said what-the-heck, took out some scissors and went snippity-snap, sewed a few seams, added some buttons, and ended up with (what I think is) a cute little upcycled sweater dress.






I have enough material left over (the sleeves) to make matching pants, but Iris doesn’t really need matching pants.

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  1. Mamie Huguette says:

    Iris is really cute with her ​​beautiful dress.

  2. Grandma says:

    So cute — great buttons, adorable pockets. It brings back memories (1969) of a dress that I made for Catey from my blue sweater to which I added lace trim.

    • Jessica says:

      I have this overwhelming desire to shrink all your wool sweaters when I visit for Christmas. Then I shall abscond with your burgeoning button collection and Iris will have to suffer with sweater dresses until she is at least eight, if she isn’t totally rolling her eyes at me by then.

      • Grandma says:

        Some of them should be made into slippers and purses. But not untll I’ve worn the elbows out on them. “Use it up; wear it out; make do or do without.” That’s genuine skintflint Vermont speak.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the canary yellow with the happy buttons. Steve Blake likes canary yellow too! He designed them himself, apparently Nike has a way of letting people do that.

    For those of us who don’t shop for used kids clothes, What is “upcycled”

    • Jessica says:

      “Upcycled” is the newspeak for using what you have to make something else. I actually prefer the word “repurposed” if I have to have one of those words. “Resourceful” is a good word, too. When Nanny Maria made dresses out of curtains in The Sound of Music, she just called it what it is: making dresses out of curtains. I made a toddler dress out of a grown-up sweater.

  4. Joanna says:

    I love that adorable sweater dress!!

  5. Teressa says:

    Hey, These are so cut and I have been eyeballing one at gymboree. Maybe I will get the gumption to make one once we make it through Christmas:) I am not sure my sweaters would be long enough for Opal though, but I could always go to goodwill. Thank you so very much for the idea!!!!

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