Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Tarot of the Absurd

Infant's Feet

My feetβ€” long ago.

The goals of this blog are to create a daily entry about a one-card tarot reading in order to facilitate the writing of a book at the end of 78 weeks’ time.


Six days a week I will read a card from a different tarot deck. One day a week I will pick a random card from my deck and write about that.


(Unless I don’t.)


For the purpose of this blog I have chosen four suits,Β  corresponding to the suits as I have named them for my deck. Other names are as follows:


cupsβ€” AKAβ€” hearts, chalices
coinsβ€” AKAβ€” pentacles, diamonds, money, oro
sticksβ€” AKAβ€” staves, wands, clubs, rods, batons, sceptres
bladesβ€” AKAβ€” swords, spades


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