Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Queen of Cups β€” Tarot of the Absurd

Artist: Jessica Rose Shanahan


The Queen of Cups leads with her heart rather than her head. She is highly intuitive, often psychic and dreamy. This can make it seem as if she lacks common sense and rationality. However, there is no intuition more powerful than that of the Queen of Cups.


She easily senses the feelings of others to help them make sense of emotion in a compassionate manner. She is a good wife and a loving mother. She is fair, honest, and warm-hearted. Those who struggle see her as a beacon of light and are drawn to the safe harbor of her care.


The Queen of Cups is a symbol of achievements made possible by the use of imagination and creativity. A lover of beauty, she is highly imaginative, artistically gifted, affectionate and romantic. Whatever her chosen art, it is her best form of self-expression. To study the art of the Queen of Cups is to study the Queen herself.


Because she is so responsive to the feelings of others, the Queen of Cups must constantly uphold her boundaries between herself and others. If not properly protected, the Queen of Cups can lose her own sense of self. This is her greatest vulnerability.


Queen of Cups says: Trust your intuition. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your heart. Lose your head.


I love the Queen of Cups.

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