Nine of Cups β€” The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Artist: Alexandr Ukolov

Author: Sophie NusslΓ©

Designer: Karen Mahoney


I said, β€œGive me a card for my friend K.G.”

The deck gave me this fat nine of cupsβ€” the foundation of pleasureβ€” the wish card.



(Paraphrased from the companion book into a blessing for K.G.)


May all your wishes come true!

May many things you never wished for, too, come true!

Let these things fill you with contentment.

May you enjoy your sensuality in pleasures found and pleasures shared.

May your desires be fulfilled. May you love both gifting and receiving.

May your heart be fully opened into a solid foundation for your emotions.

May you find joy everywhere, and in the simplest of things.


(I love you & wish you always the best.)

Five of Swords β€” The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

five of swords; Alex Ukolov

[I drew this card reversed.]


Artist: Alexandr Ukolov

Author: Sophie NusslΓ©

Designer: Karen Mahoney


In this image, a cockerel wearing a bonnet to cover his comb and coat to cover his plumage entices a large moth with a candle flame. On the table is a box of coins and a note. On the wall hangs a picture of a wasp trouncing a beetle in swordplay. Why doesn’t the cock show his true nature to the moth? Perhaps because he knows the moth is hypnotically attracted to the flame; he uses this knowledge as an unfair advantage in this battle of the sexes.


This morning I woke up with unusually large feet and ankles. All my bones had disappeared into a puffy, swollen mass of flesh. I went for a walk to improve my circulation, something I had avoided yesterday because my sacroiliac joint pinches on a high note and my pubic symphysis sends low, throbbing undertones of imminent dislocation across my hips and down my inner thighs.


The Five of Swords reversed says:
My body-mind is engaged in a humiliating battle. There is little I can do to alleviate the crises enacted by my body in these last few months of pregnancy aside from change my mind about how I approach life. A battle against hormones is lost from the start. I am open to changing my behavior in order to avoid further humiliation. I surrender my mental blade of determination and watch in pained amusement as my body charges forth with its strange changes. I look forward to the day when this mock-battle is over and I can focus my energy on healing.