The Chariot — Typeface Tarot

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Artist: Lynda Cowles
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Out of the desert darkness drove
a rattling compact sedan— four doors and

THE CHARIOT! emblazoned on the side.

The letters spoke of triumph—

and of speed— and so

I stepped inside.


The driver was a man

of any age— I can’t recall his face—

O! but his eyes—

two disks that spun like flaming wheels—

I’d hailed a taxicab and caught

some new-born sun god as my guide.


He drove fast— swerved through traffic—

turned tight corners— ignored signs—

I do not know how long we sped.

I cannot tell you where we went.

I could not look outside the car.

I only saw inside— inside—

the speed— the noise— the flashing lights

flew by— flew by— flew by—
all the while he never moved

his hypnotizing eyes from mine


We stopped— and then the car was gone—

I stood exactly where I’d been.
The night was dark. The air was dry.
My journey faded into dream.

I cannot tell you where I went
and I’m not sure of what I’ve seen—

but one time— when I stood in darkness—

and took a ride.