King of Swords — The Stone Tarot

Sunday, February 5th, 2012
Alison Stone

• Upright: authority, power; keenness of mind; courage • Reversed: authority corrupted; dominance; evil intention •

Artist: Alison Stone


I am very sleepy because I

did not get enough sleep this

makes it difficult for my brain to

function. Recommended

remedy: sleep. Instead, I eat an unusually large

amount of food, lounge around with

old National Geographic magazines, and

finally get around to telling

this deck: “Wake me up.”


The King of Swords

sits on a narrow throne in the blue wilderness.

This king leads with his keen mind and his

sharp tongue and even sharper, keener blade.

The cutting edge of his sword

shines with some light of its own.

He lifts his eyebrows as if,

without them lifted,

his heavy eyes might close,

his lazy lids might touch,

his head might nod in sleep,

his arm might fall and slice the blade

across his own bare neck and thus

relieve his body from his brilliant,

sometimes over-bearing mind

forever. Even kings must

even kings need even kings must

sleep.                                       Is tired.

This king.

Six of Pentacles — Stone Tarot

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Six of Pentacles, Alison StoneArtist: Alison Stone


Interpretation: Generosity, charity, sharing. Kindness.

In this image, the coins above shower gold upon the coins below.


I’m beginning to remember to ask questions. However, I’m not supposed to ask yes-or-no questions— it’s one of the rules— and the truth is, I don’t really have any questions. I like watching the present unfold as I live it. I do enjoy asking the cards to “tell me” about some aspect of my life. I get the feeling I could view almost any aspect of my life through the window of any card and come up with some correlation. Thus far, the images I have been given easily fit the aspect I wish to view. Today I  said, “Tell me something about my relationship with Martin,” and drew this card.


Generosity and kindness are things to be shared. The Christian theological concept of the virtue charity— which I refer to because I like it— is unlimited love and kindness. These are lofty ideals to attempt to live up to. However, if we have no ideals, there is nothing to strive for. Success may be defined as a continual endeavor to reach our ideals. May we have a successful relationship.