Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Vintage Community Playthings Train

Community Playthings

makes some wonderful, amazingly durable toysΒ designed to encourage creative playΒ in early childhood education.

Here, Iris plays alone with a four-car train set that is no longer manufactured.





The engine, front view, with removable top (under Iris’ butt):





The boxcar, with removable top:





The flatbed car, with vintage 70s Playskool Little Snoopy:





And the little red caboose chug-chug-chug-chug, with removable top:





Such toys need a community of children playing together (or learning to play together) to be fully appreciated.

We all need a community.


5 Responses

  1. Mom says:

    The set has been beautifully restored. Definitely could use a few more kids to enjoy it.

  2. KT says:

    You should post these to pinterest, especially the top one, graphically perfect!

    • Jessica says:

      Do you pinterest? I’ve never pinned. I don’t think I’d know where to begin. I’ve found some of my card images and blog entries on other people’s pinterest sites before, back before one had to be a member to just browse. I think someone interested in vintage toys has to find it and post it, right? Tho it would be a most interesting project to photograph all the vintage toys at Mom’s house. I’d have to invite over other children for modeling purposes, tho, or it’d be 1000 more photos of Iris.

  3. Cynthia Prigge says:

    Hello, I was just GIVEN this same set minus the flatbed car, I was curious as to if you had any information on these pieces. The date they were manufactured etc. I was also given a semi truck with the two silver button headlights solid cab (not the one for the villagers) with the trailer. Any information you may have regarding these items would be greatly appreciated. THank you in advance for your time and help.

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, that’s awesome! Community Playthings is still in business. I’d write them for more information. Their mission is awesome, and they’re really personable. I wrote them some letters after I got this train & they were really friendly.

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